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I’m Looking for Tiny House Parking around Portland

Picture of red tiny house

Dear Friends,

I am looking for a new spot to park my tiny house to live, work, and study.

Ideal locations are:

• Quiet (no loud traffic or big loud dogs next to the spot)
• 45 minutes from Portland
• More chill and more rural than exciting and urban (looking for a calm, quiet, and peaceful space to study and finish my degree)
• Available by November 1st

* Email me for budget details

Red tiny house in the snow
About Me:

My name is Jesse Zook Mann. I am 43 years old, and I am currently studying family therapy at Antioch University Seattle. Before going into therapy training I worked in TV production and produced and directed documentaries on subcultures, lifestyle and sports!

In my spare time, I do mental health education work and help patients and families learn about ways to recover from mental illness. I am also active in my local Jewish community. I also live with a very handsome sphynx cat named Basho who is very friendly and loves adventures. We enjoy punk rock, professional wrestling and musicals. I mostly keep to myself and keep busy on my studies and my personal projects.

Tiny house interior

About the house:

Built in 2015 by Tumbleweed Tiny house company. The home would need a 30 amp electric socket for my electric use. I am prepared to pay for my electricity and to have the installation done. It is 26’x7′ and has a composting toilet. The home is heated with propane and has energy-efficient appliances aside from the AC, which I use during the hottest weeks.

Please share this message in any groups or with people you think might be a good match! References are available upon request. Thank you so much for your support and consideration.

Be in touch!