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“For the filmmakers, the gathering offered a way to be Jewish that was ‘something other than the mainstream version that we’d been fed.’ They met Orthodox Black rappers, Yiddish preservationists, stoners, scholars, rebels, outcasts. The idea for ‘Punk Jews’ came into focus, with Mr. Mann as the director.”
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“It’s fascinating that so many childhood abuse and neglect survivors cope in the same ways. People-pleasing. Charming. Workaholism. We so often end up in relationships with hurt people who we obsessively try to fix. So much of our healing comes from nurturing ourselves and living a life of intention.”
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“I almost gave up because I thought I was out of options… you have to keep digging, and there are people to help you find what will help you get your life back. We will walk this path together.”
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“Jesse Zook Mann’s documentary ‘Punk Jews’ featured varieties of Jewish musicians, artists and activists who’ve forged their own path. And watching it changed my life.”
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