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"Jesse's voice in the mental health space is unlike any other. He doesn't just encourage people to invest in their mental health; he's courageously blazing the trail through the sharing of his own journey."
“Jesse is a fearless voice for mental health advocacy and destigmatization. He sees and advocates for those most often forgotten by the system, and his belief in the cause shines through his every word.”
“Jesse uses his lived experience to connect with others while advocating for inclusive mental health reform, especially those with the most needs. He is empathic, compassionate and will undoubtedly change many of the narratives and myths about mental illness."
“In his commitment to amplifying voices on the forefront of the movement to humanize mental health treatment and systems, Jesse's compassion and dedication to healing is a presence like none other.”
“I've had the privilege of knowing Jesse for over a decade. When we first met it was clear to see his ability to inspire everyone he came in contact with. His courage to be transparent when it comes to his own mental health journey has given hope to a lot of people who have also gone through anxiety, depression, PTSD and other challenging conditions. I'm in awe if his dedication to this cause and truly proud to call him my friend.”
"I hired Jesse to do video work, conceptualizing, filming and postproduction for several projects that were very important to me. I was delighted not just with his work, but with the time we spent together as colleagues.”
"Jesse is always a pleasure to work with and never disappoints. His creative energy and enthusiasm assists in not only directing but producing exceptional television.”
“I can always count Zookmann to get the story, make it compelling, shoot it beautifully, and on budget"
“Jesse aka Zook, is a pros pro. He can talk the talk and he also delivers. I would work with Jesse on a shoot anywhere.”
“Jesse is a highly-skilled and creative producer. I have hired him in the past and will continue to do so.”